Duxoup Wine Works

Duxoup was founded in 1981 by two free-spirited, inquisitive winemakers: Deborah and Andrew Cutter. They built the winery with small production, gentle, gravity flow winemaking in mind. Duxoup wines are silky, fruity, and come from venerable vineyards. The wines express not only terrior, but the highly skilled work of the two owners, both experienced and respected for their independence and consistent quality. The wines are rare, but well worth the effort to find.

Duxoup produces a Charbono, Dolcetto, Gamay Noir, Sangiovese, and Syrah. Find more information about the current vintages here. If you would like to order any of our wines, please fill out this form. Our wines go well with food. In our kitchen, you will find some recipes that pair well with our wines.


Duxoup has been making wine from the same ancient vines (planted before the turn of the last century) since 1985. Our winery works with the Frediani family- venerable growers who farm their grapes in the northern Napa Valley, just outside the town of Calistoga. The Charbono variety is relatively rare and thrives only in very particular areas. The Frediani Ranch offers rich, volcanic soil, fiercely hot summer days followed by cool fog in the evening. Charbono dates back to ancient times--- the Romans called it “carbonica” (Pliny the Elder). The plantings spread to what is now France, predating Cabernet and Pinot Noir. The grapes are very dark and intense but are transformed during fermentation and aging into a lovely, soft, plump, delicious wine.


Dolcetto is the newest variety to be produced by Duxoup. We decided to try this variety following a trip to the Piedmont area in northern Italy, home to this grape. Dolcetto can be made in several styles – we chose a light, fruity, lower alcohol wine, fermented in a stainless steel tank and then aged for seven months in American oak barrels (for their spicy quality) before bottling. This is a fresh, young, lively wine – perfect with pasta or grilled chicken. We’re very happy with the newest member of the family!

Gamay Noir

Yes, we actually grow these grapes on our tiny, half acre vineyard adjacent to the winery. Duxoup has made this same variety every year since we began in 1981. We are very fond of the grape, and the consistently reliable wines it has produced all these years. (Note: it used to be called “Napa Gamay” but we changed the name to avoid being confused with Another Locality.) Our Gamay Noir is bigger than a typical Gamay Beaujolais – having more the tone and body of a Zinfandel. It has plenty of fruit, without being overly jammy or hot. The perfect hamburger wine (that is how we drink it!)


Ray and Lori Teldeschi planted the Sangiovese especially for us in 1997, on their beautiful eastern-bench ranch. Sangiovese means “blood of Zeus” (whew!) When the grapes are first crushed, the juice indeed is quite “bloody” in color. The resulting wine is very spicy with a strong backbone of the right amount of acid and tannin. We blend a small (7-10%) amount of Cabernet Sauvignon, grown in the block of land adjacent to the Sangiovese, to add to the character of the wine. Serve this with spicy and/or tomato-based dishes.


We are delighted to release this new vintage of a Duxoup Classic. We have made Syrah since we began the winery in 1981. As with past vintages, we blended in 10% Cabernet Sauvignon – from grapes grown adjacent to the Syrah block, on the same marvelous gravelly soil. The grapes were fermented, pressed, racked, aged and bottled in the Duxoup Tradition – slowly and carefully! Serve with lamb, duck or any full-throttle pasta dish.

Ordering Duxoup wines depends on where you live.

Purple states
: If you are in a purple state (or Germany, Japan or Switzerland), we have a Duxoup distributor who can help you.
Green states
: If you live in a green state, we can sell directly to you. Click here to see our current prices for direct sales.
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Andy testing wine
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Deb testing wine
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